As your Professional Image ConsuItant, I am BLESSED to EDUCATE, ENHANCE, and ENCOURAGE YOU  to CREATE your Personal and Professional Image - Put your Best Face Foward!  I Believe in Businesses Building Together... I Believe in Working with Integrity... I am INSPIRED to INSPIRE YOU!!!


April 2nd, 2005, I was invited to attend a Mary Kay Pampering Party... and I went! I remember being among a large group of women smiling, laughing, and chit-chatting as they experienced Mary Kay Products. Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, Soothing Eye Gel, and Firming Eye Cream for the eyes. Time Wise 3 n 1 Cleanser, Moisturizer, Day Cream and Night Solution for the face. We Engaged in Satin Hands & Satin Lips treatments for that Extra Special Pampering Experience! I was in The MARY KAY PINK BUBBLE! In a Single Moment, my mind was full of thoughts racing, "What happened to my PINK BUBBLE?" PINK was my favorite color! I took a moment and assessed the color of clothing in my dirty clothes hamper... black, white, brown, gray, and some blue. There was no PINK! I noticed the same colors in the hampers of our SIX sons and my hubbie. Our daughter wasn't born at this time. For a girl whose Favorite color is PINK, I should have SOME PINK IN MY LIFE! I instantly became aware that at some point I LOST MYSELF and I BELIEVED MARY KAY came to help! April 2nd, 2005 was the FIRST day of the rest of my PINK (not just a color, but an ATTITUDE:) LIFE! I committed to continuing to Create myself and never lose myself, again. It started with my own personal skin care needs. Acne-Prone, I am. My Director helped me customize my Mary Kay products to meet and enhance my personal needs. Shortly after, I decided to share what I learned with other women... and men! In Time, my Services now extends to Skin Care & Makeup Sessions (for Fashion Shows, Event Coordinators, Production Companies, Proms, Graduations, Weddings, Girl-Time, and Portrait Sessions), Personal & Professional Coaching Sessions, and Sponsor & Vendor Opportunities. God continues to Build Great things with me. I am Blessed that my MARY KAY EXPERIENCE has helped me see ALL I can be with FAITH, FAMILY, & FINANCES in order. I am EXCITED to be on this JOURNEY... my MISSION is to EDUCATE, ENHANCE, & ENCOURAGE your Personal & Professional Image for LIFE!


We Believe in Businesses Building Together - One Family at a Time. The Harmony of Faith, Family & Finances is Essential. Time to Prioritize and Organize is non-negotiable. The ability to Resolve and Evolve is Vital. Learning Life Lessons Together is Priceless. Allow your Business to be a Blessing as you Serve others. Our Purpose is to Live Life to the Fullest-Making the Most of Every Opportunity! (Ephesians 5:15-17)

*Breathe in Belief *Build your Business *Bless Your Success in JESUS